More about CuBuFo

“Foundation for development of the cultural and business potential of civil society” has the following objectives:

 – to support the educational, cultural and economic development of the civil society in Bulgaria and abroad;
 – to stimulate intercultural and creative exchange of ideas, skills and experiences;
 – to create opportunities for modern and effective vocational training in various fields of key importance for the development of the cultural and business potential of civil society, such as: culture, cultural exchange and bridges, education and arts;
 – to popularize new technologies and approaches in education and practice, via “lifelong learning”, formal and informal education, “learning by doing”, practical experience and others;
 –  to unite artists from different spheres of the modern arts and to create conditions for sharing and popularizing the work of young artists;
 – to encourage innovative ideas and new forms of art and training;
 – to organize conferences, seminars and workshops on issues, related to the development of the cultural and business potential of civil society.

For achieving its objectives, CuBuFo carries out the following activities:

 – carries out researches and analyses according to the needs of the partners and members of the Foundation;
 – involve experts, specialists, partners and volunteers for supporting the activities of the Foundation;
 – attract new members, popularize and broaden the scope of the activities of the Foundation;
 – develop database with organizations, artists, projects, events and others, related with the traditional and contemporary forms of art, the formal, non-formal and vocational training;
 – organize and conduct training courses, using both traditional and non-formal approaches;
 – develop and issue informational and educational materials, available in all types of carries, in order to support, develop and popularize its activity;
 – organize and conduct seminars, competitions, workshops on various topics, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and others;
  – carry out research programmes, projects and initiatives;
 – carry out expert and consulting activity;
 – participate in the developing and implementing projects as a leading organization or as a partner;
 – carry out contacts with similar organizations in the country and abroad;
 – implement all types of support activities for achieving the objectives of the Foundation.

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