The Digifinedu multiplier event in Bulgaria

The 25th of November was our day for sharing the results of the Erasmus+ Digifinedu project. The event took place in Arbanasi park hotel in the district of Veliko Tarnovo and included teachers, headmasters and educators from 7 different towns in Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, Plovdiv, Vidin, Pavlikeni, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Polikraishte.

The event included a presentation of all the project results, but also practicing with a visual novel together.

Following the world-cafe concept, we organised a workshop session for participants to come up with ideas how they can integrate the financial literacy content in their classes and activities, as well as a game called “Anchoring”, which accompanied the presentations, providing insight into how trends, including financial ones, can get us “anchored” to certain values, appraisals or amounts, even if those fail to correspond to the reality of the moment. Very positive feedback from the participants.

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