DigiFinEdu multiplier conference – 25 Nov 2023

The programme of the Erasmus+ project sharing event of DigiFinEdu will include:

1. Presenting the “DigiFinEdu: Promotion of financial literacy in primary and secondary education through gamification and digital storytelling” – https://www.digifinedu.eu/bg/homepage/
2 Presenting the DigiFinEdu methodologica material
3 Training programme – structure, content and OER
4 Visual stories of DigiFinEdu
5 Workshop “How can I include the financial literacy topics in my classes“
The event will take place in Park hotel Arbanasi, village Arbanasi, Veliko Tarnovo district – starting at 9:30 on 25 Nov 2023. For enlisting and additional information, please, contact the organisers.  cubufoundation@gmail.com
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