Pitch project materials – guidelines and visual awareness materials

The CuBuFoundation team is happy to inform and share the documents, developed in relation to the Pitch Erasmus+ project – “From pitching your tent, to the pitching event”, which gathered sighted and visually impaired participants from several European countries in Bulgaria during the second half of June, giving them an opportunity to get in touch with Bulgarian history and nature, to go through a part of the route, taken by Hristo Botev and his group of rebels as well as to lead peer-learning workshops for each other. The project made a demonstration:
– about how successfully sighted and visually impaired people can conduct hikes together, set up camps and put up tents
– about how successfully they can teach other useful skills and build confidence both within themselves as well as within the possibilities for satisfactory communication and exchange in groups with mixed competences, skills and needs. 
In relation to the Pitch project we developed guidelines for organising seminars/workshops/activities in groups with participants with and without visual impairments, as well as a detailed training in visual awareness, which prepares the sighted about the eventual hardships, which people with specific v.i. may be facing and the ways they can be supported in the best possible way. 
We hope that our magnificent experience from the second half of the month of June (see the news presented in details here), will encourage all interested organisations – tourist, mountaineering, museums, etc. – to widen the access to hikes, cultural programmes and other similar services for people with impaired vision. The provided guidelines and visual awareness presentation can be extremely useful in case of people with v.i. in the groups. 
The Pitch project team remains available for any additional support or information, where such is necessary, as well as can provide training courses for teams, planning to widen the access to their services for people with impaired vision.  

News update: here you can find other project results developed under Pitch!

Planners of the majority of workshops delivered during the Bulgarian hike

Evaluation of accessibility of various sites visited during the hike

Evaluation of the hike itself by the participants

Detailed report from the hike

Local hike proposals from the partner countries

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