The T.I.P. audio-visual Drama and inclusion pack

The T.I.P. Erasmus+ project is approaching its end. The impact it left on the young people it included and the ones it reached out to is exceptional and makes us all believe that the young people will indeed change the world. 

The videos created under the project bring an impressive amount of knowledge and provide insight into the processes, which took place in the different partner regions as well as during the blended learning activity. 

Thus for example, here comes a video about how you can “devise” a drama piece out of just a few words, turning it into a potential loaded story.

What sensory labyrinth theatre is and how it can be produced – another perfect video example.

How theatre of the oppressed can be used for inclusive theatre productions is explained in this video.

Short video guides through verbatim theatre can be found here video 1 and here video 2.

And then we move on to what happened in Cardiff, Wales in August 2022.

Group bonding exercises were really important at the start of the Cardiff week and were a part of the morning routine for all present. A video on that can be accessed here.  

The trainers from the partner organizations worked with the groups of young people and young workshop facilitators in order to provide drama approaches wrap-ups and to provide some final hints and clarifications via hands on experiences and exercises. A video about this time with the experts can be accessed here

The newly trained workshop leaders took over the creative process and worked in their groups of young people for the purpose of creating pieces of theatre, focused on the project topics. A video is available here. How the process commenced and how the young people worked is further demonstrated here. Finalization of the different pieces was an emotional and extremely professional phase of the work, as can be comprehended from this video

After the performance on the last day of the Cardiff week, the young people came together in a sharing circle in order to express how TIP has influenced them and how it has impacted them personally and from theatrical skills point of view. An amazing sharing circle video can provide a glimpse on that. 

Numerous other videos are available through our YouTube channel, including such with detailed audio descriptions. Follow the link in the image below and subscribe. 

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