25by25 project results evaluation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are approaching you with a kind request to evaluate the results from the 25 cultural experiences by the age of 25″ Erasmus+ project.

The evaluation questionnaires are two, as follows:

– evaluation of the platform, which provides access to the „matrix with cultural activities“ and to the „Place-based learning activities“: https://forms.gle/hweEekfaXoHHveKL7

– evaluation of the quality of the intellectual outputs „Handbook of good practices“, „matrix with cultural activities“ and „place-based learning activities“: https://forms.gle/gAhto7RDhWer2WW77

The intellectual outputs themselves can be discovered here (after clicking on the download button you will be directed to a page with all the language versions of the respective output): http://www.25by25project.com/resources.html

Access to the platform (provided also in Bulgarian language): https://toolbox.25by25project.com

Your evaluations will be extremely important for the successful finalization of the 25by25 results.

We thank you in advance for the time and attention to our request and wish you all a wonderful spring!