Sharing the 25by25 project results

On Feb 17, 2023 the Erasmus+ “25 cultural experiences by the age of 25” project was presented before an audience of educators, young people, cultural and artistic experts. It was a great and interesting experience for all present participants. The venue of the event – the city of Plovdiv – was chosen based on cultural importance and value in Bulgarian history, the fact that it was the EU capital of culture for 2019 and that CuBuFoundation successfully cooperates with numerous educational and cultural organizations from the city. The intellectual outputs of the project were shared with the audience and the platform functionalities were described and demonstrated. The feedback was quite positive. Some of the young people attending immediately asked for more details about the most recently uploaded PBL* about the June 2023 two-week event in Bulgaria. – project web-site – platform with a matrix of cultural activities and PBL options 

*PBL – place-based learning