The Pitch trail & agenda for June 2023 – a PBL in the making!

Cross-project added value in its best form! The trail and agenda for the June 2023 hike, which a transnational group from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Italy and Belgium is going to carry out under the Pitch small scale Erasmus+ project is an excellent example of what a Place-based learning activity (as defined and explained by the 25by25 Erasmus+ project – should look like. We have the location – a rather broad area, locked between the cities of Kozloduy on the river Danube and Vratsa (western Balkan mountain range) – and we have the activities, which involve cultural venues and cultural workshops, which the young participants in the activity are going to implement within their group. A part of the group will have visual impairments and the PBL will offer a very specialized visual awareness course for all the sighted participants.

The PBL activity will have an overall duration of 2 weeks, which will include visits to venues with historical importance for the Bulgarian liberation from the Ottoman yoke and also cultural workshops (cooking, bread making, etc.) and live-action role-play interactions, which will put the participants into a game-like mode, perfectly suitable for learning. 

The methodology, which will be used will be peer-learning, relying on the history, culture and existing elements of the visited locations.

The Bulgarian group still has an opening for volunteering participants. If you are interested to join this PBL and learn with our team, contact us!

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