Another visual awareness training at HP

CuBuFoundation team members visited HP for a second time in order to implement a visual awareness training together with colleagues from Tenebris, the first and only dark restaurant on the Balkans. The event was a part of the “DEI* not for a DAY” campaign, which HP is running for the sake of developing their organization as an inclusive and diversified one. 

Raising visual awareness is important in order for staff members at the respective enterprise to understand how they need to behave and what adaptations to the environment would make the professional involvement and contributions from a visually impaired colleague to be optimal.

Adapting the environment, understanding what people with various v.i. conditions can and cannot do, what are the wrong concepts in society and why simulations of disabilities need to be carried out in a supervised and carefully led manner, are all topics discussed during these visual awareness seminars or training courses. 

Contact us if you are interested in making your enterprise an inclusive one and providing your management and staff with the necessary knowledge.

*Diversity, equity and inclusion