InCrea+ training for the staff of Primary school “Elin Pelin” Plovdiv

On Nov 16 and 17, 2022, the CuBuFoundation team delivered a training with the InCrea+ programme to the staff of primary school “Elin Pelin” in Plovdiv. All participants agreed that inclusive education with insufficient resources and staffing is not an easy task, but is one certainly worth pursuing for the benefit of our children. The school already has the excellent example of one of its teachers, who attended the training in April 2022, got inspired and created an after class theatre group. The training days planted numerous good ideas among the school staff and they were advised that what they should start from is what would be possible for their institution, with the resources they have, but after optimizing the cooperation within the network of the teaching and non-teaching staff and proper establishment and utilization of student buddy groups, who can be used for providing support to teachers as well as to fellow students. 

The school administration was extremely pleased with the training.