25by25 in Sandanski, Bulgaria

25 by 25 Project The first days of September 2022 brought magic to Sandanski within the framework of the 25th edition of the Balkan Youth Festival. The project was initially presented before an international audience of interested youth workers (2 Sept) and then a place-based learning curriculum shaped as a sensory labyrinth theatre got tested on 4 Sept in the beautiful park of this great city. So much creativity came out of the implementers of the labyrinth, who adapted their ideas to what the venue had to offer and made the absolute best out of it with the help of the brilliant promoters and volunteers of the Balkan Youth Festival / Балкански Младежки Фестивал. We are humbled by the great openness and readiness to experience something new, which the participating youth workers and young people demonstrated. What a great event that was! Thank you all!