An amazing shared experience under the Theatre as inclusive practice project

The Theatre as inclusive practice Erasmus+ project is in Cardiff, preparing an amazing performance “You can’t sit with us!”, which was performed on Aug 24th in the theatre hall at Cardiff university. The whole week (19-25 August 2022), which this international group of young people and youth workers spent in Cardiff was charged with building ourselves brick by brick and adding to our emotional toolbox for the sake of inclusion through theatre. Following 2.5 days of training, delivered by the partners’ teams of youth workers, the young participants created a play, which triggers thoughts, emotional response and action in relation to the topics of exclusion and inclusion. CuBuFoundation was there together with UCAN Productions, Mess Up The Mess Theatre Company and Društvo Humanitas. This project triggered a perpetuum mobile type of bells in our souls, which will go on ringing for as long as we have ears to listen and hearts to respond. Hope you hear them too!