Sensory labyrinth theatre workshop for the InCrea+ project

Within the period of 14-16 January (with an introductory online session on Friday evening and two face-to-face days – 15-16 Jan – at Plovdiv cultural institute) young people from the Theatre as inclusive practice project, theatre experts and teachers from local schools joined in order to analyze the opportunities, which sensory labyrinth theatre provides in various professional and personal aspects! The meeting was carried out in relation to the Inclusive creativity through educational artmaking (InCrea+) Erasmus+ project, due to the possibility of entwining theatre techniques and exercises in education for the purpose of improving the connection with the self, the others and the space and thus achieving a more successful inclusion in the classroom. Thge facilitator sharing her knowledge, skills and unlimited talent and leading this motley, but surprising synchronized and bonded group, was Milena Stanojevic. We have yet so much to learn together! Look out for news for the forthcoming training under the InCrea+ project and the possibilities for new meetings and experiments.