25by25 online project meeting

The team under the 25×25 project gathered online again on Jan 17th 2022 to catch up on the project progress and to define forthcoming deadlines and tasks for the months ahead. 

The project aims at encouraging young people aged 15 to 21 years old to increase their interaction with cultural activities and experiences and develop their skills and knowledge through meaningful experiences. The consortium or partners from the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece have finalized two of the four proposed deliverables. The first one refers to A Practical Guide to Youth Engagement in Cultural Activities which explores youth engagement from different points of view such as historical, methodological, best practices etc. The second deliverable is a matrix gathering a selection of at least 30 cultural experiences from each participating country, which young people can refer to and decide where and how they would like to be involved. 

The partners are currently working on national report that scrutinizes the concept of Place-Based Education and how it is being implemented in each of the consortium countries. This innovative and yet challenging education system has proved to yield great results in the integration of young people at risk of exclusion as well as in the development of civic engagement competences. 

Stay tuned for more news in the following weeks!