The V.I.V.A. training programme is available in all project languages

The V.I.V.A. project “Innovative social entrepreneurship training programme” for young people who are visually impaired is available online in all partner languages and in different formats. This training programme, which was developed with the aid of the young v.i. participants involved in the project combines and adapts three concepts: development of leadership skills, development of inter-cultural skills and development of social entrepreneurial skills, aided by an excellent example of a innovative social entrepreneurial practice (bread in the dark and bakers without borders) and a team-building practice (drama for ensemble building among young people with v.i).

The target users of the V.I.V.A. programme are v.i. at an age between 18 and 30, supported by sighted peers, participating in joint activities. 

The training programme is available on the project web-site:

The training programme is also available here:

The activities and exercises included in it have been presented in an easy to access and user friendly manner as separate downloadable files.