25 by 25 press release

25 by 25 – 25 cultural experiences by the age of 25

Boosting cultural experiences to promote social inclusion



Fighting social exclusion through culture

‘Everyone has the right to quality and inclusive education, training and life-long learning, in order to maintain and acquire skills that enable them to participate fully in society and manage successfully transitions in the labour market’ (EC, 2018).

Recent research shows that young people who are not included in a training process, who do not have a job and who are forced to face social and economic obstacles, do not have easy access to cultural experiences and this has a strong impact on their personal and professional lives and on their participation in society.

Having a Cultural Experience, based on the UNESCO definition, means to willingly engage or interact with tangible cultural and natural heritage, with the aim of consciously enhancing or benefiting your skills, knowledge or attitude.


25 by 25 key goals

In this context the 25 by 25 project aims at increasing the cultural experiences of marginalised young people aged 15 to 21 years old, and at providing a framework for cultural experiences accessible across Europe, to help them achieve 25 cultural experiences by the age of 25 years old.

An important aspect of the project is its transnational dimension which allows young people and young organisations – through peer exchange and shared approaches –   to understand, value and respect the different cultural and linguistic manifestations, therefore, to strengthen their relationship with European cultural heritage, and facilitate them knowing and valuing it, which will in turn, allow strengthening tolerance, open and flexible attitudes.

To achieve this goal, seven organisations from the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Hungary working with young people from all over Europe, have started to cooperate to develop four intellectual outputs:


The project’s results:

1. Best Practices Handbook on Cultural Activity Engagement in Europe

2. Matrix of Cultural Activities across Europe

3. Framework for a Place-based Cultural Activity Curriculum

4. The 25 by 25 Digital Platform

Project partners have conducted research in their respective countries on the techniques used by youth organisations to increase the level of cultural engagement amongst the young people. The results will be summarised in the Best Practices Handbook on Cultural Activity Engagement in Europe, a 20-page guide for youth organisations on the effective use of cultural engagement methods amongst youths and youth groups, which will be available in February 2022.

At the same time, the project team started to work on the Matrix of Cultural Experiences across Europe, which will be ready as soon as possible, aimed at NEET youths and young people which will include 175 cultural activities from across 6 European countries. In this way the young people will have access to European culture within a range of towns, cities and regions across Europe. Additionally, youth organisations will be able to take inspiration from the matrix about cultural experiences all over Europe.


Next Steps

The next step will be for the project consortium to create a framework for the development of a place-based curriculum for students and learners, to be produced around the end of 2022, which will also allow youth workers and trainers to develop their own place-based curriculum for informal learning through cultural activities. The project partners will develop one single framework for Europe, which will be flexible enough to provide the option to include the specific learning objectives for each youth worker using it to develop a curriculum, thus, allowing a transnational learning and inspiring others to learn about different history and cultural experiences from across Europe.

The key output of the project will be the 25 by 25 Digital Platform which will act as a repository for all the project tools and will allow, on the one hand, NEETS and youths users to develop their learning portfolio and to map their journey based on their cultural experiences, on the other hand, youth workers to develop their own place-based curricula focusing on the cultural opportunities and experiences in their local or regional area.


More updates?

If you are a youth organisation interested in exploring new innovative tools and non-formal teaching methodologies or a young person interested in discovering the cultural world across Europe, contact zornitsastaneva@gmail.com. 


– 25 by 25 – Twenty Five Cultural Experiences by the Age of Twenty Five

– EACEA – Erasmus + programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth 

– Main goal: increasing the cultural experiences of marginalised young people aged 15 to 21

– Partners:




SOCIETY (Bulgaria)


CESIE (Italy)





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