A demonstrational ceramics workshop – InCrea+

An InCrea+ ceramics workshop at "Tsanko Lavrenov" national school of arts, Plovdiv

On October 7th, 2021 CuBuFoundation organized an international ceramics workshop with an external facilitator (Borislav Stoyanov) at the premises of the national school of arts "Tsanko Lavrenov" in Plovdiv. The workshop was attended by students and teachers from the school of arts, by representatives of the Ethiopian Circus Debre Berhan and teachers from schools, involved in the project. 6 Bulgarian students and 6 Ethiopian youth worked together on expressing their understanding of inclusion on plates of clay.
Circus Debre Berhan was in Plovdiv in connection with the Culpeer4Change project - delivering performances and workshops. InCrea+ provided an opportunity for some learning and sharing to come their way as well, within a compact group of other young artists.
The workshop was accompanied by a short presentation about the project objectives and how it contributes to the 21st century skills as well as to other critical skills for positive development.